Welcome to Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA

We are a united Kenyan diaspora community that seeks to empower our members through solutions to common challenges both in North America and Kenya.


To bring Kenyans in North America together and collaborate with private/public sector institutions to identify opportunities to empower our people in the areas of education, capacity building, policy development, technology innovation, commerce and trade.


To have a strong Kenyan community in North America which speaks in one voice, enhances civic engagement and addresses socio-economic issues for the prosperity of our communities in USA and Kenya.

Core Values

KDA-USA embraces collective leadership, integrity, transparency, accountability, and credibility.

Uniting all Kenyans in North America

We would like to officially welcome you to the Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA (KDA-USA) community and family!
At KDA-USA, you are our top priority and we continuously strive to provide you with accurate, reliable, authentic, verifiable information as we chart the future of our communities both in North America and Kenya.

Our Goals

Celebrate the diverse cultures of Kenyans in North America

Speak in one voice on matters of civic engagement both in US and Kenya.

Collaborate with private and public institutions to influence policy to impact our communities for economic empowerment in USA and Kenya.

Organization Structure

Two groups work together to for the KDA-USA leadership.
The Advisory board and the secretariat
Advisory Board
Made up of Chairman to the board, Executive director, Board members, Secretary to the board, Treasurer
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The Secretariat
The secretariat consists of the Executive director and the organizational management team
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You are welcome to join KDA-USA as a member with all your family members and friends. There are benefits..
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News Update

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Coming Soon

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