Welcome to Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA

We are a united Kenyan diaspora community that seeks to empower our members through solutions to common challenges both in North America and Kenya.


To bring Kenyans in North America together and collaborate with private/public sector institutions to identify opportunities to empower our people in the areas of education, capacity building, policy development, technology innovation, commerce and trade.


To have a strong Kenyan community in North America which speaks in one voice, enhances civic engagement and addresses socio-economic issues for the prosperity of our communities in USA and Kenya.

Core Values

KDA-USA embraces collective leadership, integrity, transparency, accountability, and credibility.

Uniting all Kenyans in North America

We would like to officially welcome you to the Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA (KDA-USA) community and family!
At KDA-USA, you are our top priority and we continuously strive to provide you with accurate, reliable, authentic, verifiable information as we chart the future of our communities both in North America and Kenya.

Our Goals

Celebrate the diverse cultures of Kenyans in North America

Speak in one voice on matters of civic engagement both in US and Kenya.

Collaborate with private and public institutions to influence policy to impact our communities for economic empowerment in USA and Kenya.

Organization Structure

Two groups work together to for the KDA-USA leadership.
The Advisory board and the secretariat
Advisory Board
Made up of Chairman to the board, Executive director, Board members, Secretary to the board, Treasurer
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The Secretariat
The secretariat consists of the Executive director and the organizational management team
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You are welcome to join KDA-USA as a member with all your family members and friends. There are benefits..
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Message from the President

Statement from President of Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA (KDA-USA) Advisory Board

United Kenyan Diaspora in the USA and why NOW?

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am excited to welcome you to Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA (KDA-USA). KDA-USA aims to promote the social, cultural, and economic development of the Kenyan Community in North America and beyond. 

For a very long time; Kenyans in the diaspora especially in North America have yearned to speak with one voice regarding matters of national importance that affect their lives both in the US and back home in our motherland-Kenya. However, we have lacked a common vehicle to do so. Efforts to bring Kenyans in North America together have been met with limited success and this void has been filled with regional groupings and what many in the DC area refer to as self-serving briefcase organizations.

We face a three-pronged crisis: A COVID-19 pandemic, a potential economic recession, and systemic discrimination. It is incumbent upon all of us to come together and fight for change right now, otherwise, the ramifications of inaction could last for years. But if we come together and fight for equality, justice, and the right to be heard then we have a chance of a lifetime to change the plight of diaspora Kenyans and our mother country for the better.

According to the Central Bank of Kenya, remittances from North America constituted nearly 51% or more of the Ksh. 270 billion remitted to the Kenyan economy in 2019. It is high time we come together and make our financial clout and numbers count. We need the government to fully implement and operationalize the National Diaspora Policy. There is not going to be continuous financial remittances without political representation!

Apart from the financial remittances, our skills and expertise are a great resource that is yet to be tapped to the full benefit of our motherland (Kenya). We have highly qualified Kenyans in all sectors including the sciences, technology, education, arts, mathematics, business, governance, and economics, who are ready to give back to the community back in Kenya. The government has shown interest in tapping diaspora expertise in its national development programs, but efforts to register in the government skills/expertise database have been slow or have had false starts. I believe that we can hasten this exercise if we come together and engage with the government.

If we are united, our networking capital will increase tremendously thus attract the corporate sector to doing business with diaspora Kenyans. With the planned annual Kenya diaspora convention rotating in major cities in North America,  we aim to bring major businesses, private the sector, non-profits, civil society, and government representatives to meet diaspora Kenyans to not only network but also transact in real-estate, stock market opportunities and financial sectors among many others.

We need to come together NOW to push for our right to be registered to vote in the upcoming 2022 election in Kenya. If not NOW, then when? Our unity is our strength and time is NOW. Please join KDA-USA to learn of the next steps in our quest to unite Kenyans in North America to speak in one voice.

Ben Marasa, Ph.D.

Kenya Diaspora Alliance USA (KDA-USA) Virtual Launch Save the Date!

The KDA-USA board of directors is excited to invite all Kenyans in North America to the organization’s virtual launch to be held on the 10th of October, 2020 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm CST /2:00pm to 4:00pm EST USA .

You are strongly encouraged to register in advance for the zoom meeting using the following link:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Karibu sana!

Nyariki Otoyota, Ph.D. KDA-USA Executive Director